Waste To Energy Systems

Our waste to energy system converts any carbon-based waste into combined power and heat through gasification.  “Gasifiers are a much cleaner technology than traditional biomass combustion systems, and more efficient, resulting in more power generated for each ton of biomass consumed.” -Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Make money from waste you are currently paying to haul away.  In many cases, return on investment for a bioHearth® system, including operations costs, can be under 5 years.  A ROI study is available for your company as part of our custom quote package.  Unlike other types of alternative energy, our ROI is not dependent on government incentives; however, we will provide you with all available incentive program details upon request.

Bottom line, waste ends up sold for little value or in landfills, damaging the environment.  Installing a bioHearth® system immediately interrupts this cycle, profitizes waste and produces clean energy onsite. The payoff for the system is two-fold: you will earn a profit and help the environment.